CCUS Transition Issues: The Legal and Policy Landscape | AIChE

CCUS Transition Issues: The Legal and Policy Landscape

  • Wednesday, July 19 - CDT

  • This session will follow up on a plenary discussion that broadly addresses current legal, policy and funding implications arising from transition to a new administration, to provide a more in-depth focused discussion regarding areas that may significantly impact CCS and CCUS research and implementation such as: timing and impacts domestically and internationally regarding the Paris Agreement; the current and likely future status of United States greenhouse gas regulations including the Clean Power Plan, methane rules and supporting regulatory findings; regulatory reform challenges; federal budget proposals and congressional response; implementation and enforcement of state delegated environmental programs; the role of litigation and current developments; and opportunities for fossil fuel growth and advancement of CCS and CCUS arising from the landscape for pipelines, baseload power generation and exports, as well as domestic road blocks and international avenues.

    Chair: Mary Ellen Ternes, Earth & Water Law LLC

    Panelist: Frederick Eames, Hunton & Williams
    Panelist: Charles McConnell, Rice University
    Panelist: E. Dennis Griffith, Granherne
    Panelist: Victor B. Flatt, University of North Carolina