Articles & Reports

GAO Report on Climate Change Carbon Offset

The report provides information on key challenges in assessing the quality of different types of offsets and options for addressing key challenges associated with offset quality. This information would be important if the US adopts a program to limit emissions. GAO reviewed relevant literature and interviewed selected experts and stakeholders such as project developers, verifiers, and program officials. However, the report contains no recommendations.

Petroleum industry guidelines for reporting greenhouse gas emissions - update

Recognizing the need to update the original version of the Guidelines to reflect changing practices, IPIECA and API jointly initiated the development of this second edition of the Guidelines to continue to promote credible, consistent and reliable greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting and reporting practices from oil and gas operations. As with the original, these guidelines are based on the WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol, but add (and occasionally differ) by providing industry-specific guidance

Survey of Low-Carbon Business Innovation

The survey’s principal objectives were to gather key quantitative information and gauge business strategies for low-carbon innovation activities, with a particular focus on how companies perceive the associated risks and uncertainties. It is one element of a broader Center study on the most effective methods used by companies today to develop and bring low-carbon technologies and solutions to market. The aggregated results will be combined with a set of four in-depth case studies in a report, Business of Innovating: Bringing Low-Carbon Solutions to Market, to be published in October 2011.