CMTC 2013 Call for Abstracts

EXTENDED! Call for Abstracts Deadline: May 15, 2013
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The purpose of the Carbon Management Technology Conference (CMTC 2013) is to draw professionals from all engineering disciplines to share their expertise and provide their perspectives on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to changing climate. The conference builds on topics from CMTC 2012.

The focus of this Conference is on engineering perspectives regarding key issues, including technologies, strategies, policies, uncertainties, and metrics for evaluating alternatives. Experts, practitioners and those participating in policy will share their findings and experience with the readiness, effectiveness, and implementation of options involved in meeting the carbon management challenges. Engineering expertise, experience, and perspectives are critical to developing a viable path to meeting these challenges.

Paper and Presentation Topics to Include:

  • Carbon capture, utilization and storage:

    • Issues in Assessing CCS Economics
    • CCS Case Studies
    • Counting Sequestered Carbon: CCS/EOR Conversion
    • Counting Sequestered Carbon: CCS
    • CCS Regulatory and Policy
    • Effects of CCS on the Energy Water Nexus
  • Carbon management pathways from electricity generation to end-use:

    • Status, progress, and prospects for reducing carbon emissions associated with electricity generation, transmission, and distribution
    • LCA pathways for reducing emissions within the boundaries of the entire system–from generation sources to consumer end-uses
    • Roles and impacts of renewables, distributed generation, microgrids, plug-in transportation, energy storage, and smart grid
    • Regulatory issues, market vs. system efficiency, unintended consequences
  • Potentially game-changing technology and evaluation:

    • New and revised technologies for carbon mitigation and greater sustainability
    • Role of computational modeling in carbon management
    • Evaluation and modeling of GHG’s
    • Factors in developing carbon mitigation strategies
    • Addressing changes to education and training, for carbon mitigation implementation
    • Non-technical issues surrounding carbon mitigation
  • Engineering Challenges and Solutions for Adaptation to Climate Change:

    • Impacts of climate, weather and extreme events on demands for and performance of engineered systems
    • Needs for and advances in vulnerability assessments and risk analyses, measurement tools and protocols, and engineered materials, products, systems and services
    • Adaptation initiatives, programs and case studies from industry, government, professional societies, standards organizations and educational institutions
    • Potential synergies in mitigation and adaptation solutions

Abstracts will be used to select presentations (papers are optional but welcome).

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The Carbon Management Technology Conference is sponsored by eight organizations:

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EXTENDED! Call for Abstracts Deadline: May 15, 2013
For abstract submission instructions visit