With the belief that it is the responsibility of engineers and engineering professionals to respond to the global challenge of reducing worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, the five major engineering societies, AIChE, ASME, AIME (SPE, TMS, SME), IEEE, and ASCE, have joined together to organize an initiative to address this challenge. 

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Accomplishments in 2008 included:

  • Establishing a Founder Society project team with technical leaders and members from each society
  • Refining project objectives to incorporate recommendations and experience of the team participants; this was carried out through individual analysis, conference calls, and project meetings
  • Selection of two energy sector Pilot Projects – electric power and transportation – with the following questions to be addressed:
    • What are the available options and projected future technologies?
    • How are technologies being evaluated?
    • What boundaries and metrics should be used?
    • What are the gaps and barriers to implementation?
  • Draft Pilot Project papers
  • Development of draft Scorecards for the Pilot Project Sectors
  • Initial planning of a gaps and barriers workshop
  • Initial planning of a carbon accounting workshop

Communication and outreach is key to achieving the project goals. Specific initiatives include:

  • Congressional briefings
  • Establishing a central website
  • Press releases
  • Journal articles
  • Linking with K-12 education programs