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K-12 Outreach Activities

Many AIChE student chapters are developing innovative energy experiments for K-12. The projects aim to connect college students with the K-12 learning environment and develop resources for teachers in support of their educational needs to educate future generations about alternative energy.  The projects include:

  • The University of Utah has developed many teaching modules, including "Carbon Capture in Water" and "Carbon Captured Chalk," which is based on a module developed by Alissa Park (Columbia University) under the Research Coordination Network - Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (RCN-CCUS).
  • Colorado School of Mines is working with a Denver Public school on Urban Agriculture and Sustainable Engineering Topics.
  • Oregon State University is working with Corvallis High School for production of biodiesel from waste cooking oil. This activity will also use the waste glycerin to make soap and possibly even to make a biodegradable polymer.
  • UCLA, working with John Burroughs Middle School in Los Angeles and Mar Vista Central High School in Culver City, seeks to engage middle school and high school students in alternative energy technology and environmental education through a 4-series workshop.  The concept of our curriculum is the consequences of using alternative energy.
  • Youngstown State University will partner with William S. Guy Middle School to develop a kit for the classroom teacher which contains all of the instructions and materials needed to carry out a student-run project in which the growth of algae for the capture of CO2 and later production of biodiesel is optimized.