Fossil Forward: Recommendations for Bringing Scale & Speed to CCS | AIChE

In January 2015, the National Coal Council (NCC) released a report prepared at the request of Energy Secretary Moniz assessing the value and effectiveness DOE’s CCS/CCUS program. The study provides an industry assessment of the progress made by DOE and others regarding cost, safety and technical operation of CCS/CCUS. Among the topics addressed in the study:

· The CCS Imperative ~ Why is CCS/CCUS so critical to meeting global climate objectives?

· The Global Status of CCS ~ How are various nation’s deploying CCS technology?

· Overview of Current DOE CCS/CCUS Programs ~ What are DOE’s accomplishments and challenges?

· CCS/CCUS Deployment Challenges ~ What are the barriers to CCS/CCUS deployment?

· Gap Analysis ~ What can be done to expedite CCS/CCUS deployment.