Clean Coal is a Reality

Keynote Presentation
Wednesday, July 19, 2017, 10:05am-10:40am CDT

Clean coal is a reality and is ready for commercial deployment. The Petra Nova project near Houston, TX was built on time and on budget and did not increase the cost of electricity coming from the coal plant. There are many opportunities in North America to repeat that success. As more capture units are built, the costs will come down by improvements in today’s technology and deployment of game-changer new technologies. If we waited until the iPhone was perfected, we would still be waiting to buy our first phone.

David Greeson

David Greeson is Vice President of Development for NRG Energy and heads up NRG’s carbon capture program.  He led the NRG team that successfully developed, financed, and commissioned the $1 billion Petra Nova project.   David began his career in the power industry at Houston Lighting & Power in customer relations over 35 years ago.  He has developed 5 major power projects which represent over $2.5 billion of investment....Read more