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International Collaboration on CCUS R&D

  • Thursday, July 20 - CDT

  • The National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC) is a cost-effective, flexible test center for evaluating the critical components of advanced CO2 capture and power generation technologies. Hosting technology developers from around the world, including premier research organizations, universities, and engineering firms, the NCCC offers state-of-the-art facilities, an expert staff, and a proven track record. Managed and operated by Southern Company for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the center was established in 2009 to build on the experience and infrastructure in place from previous testing and to build on the decades of collaboration between Southern and DOE.

    NCCC facilities include the Post-Combustion Carbon Capture Center (PC4), located at Alabama Power’s E.C. Gaston power plant, and a pilot coal gasification plant, which houses pre-combustion CO2 capture test sites. Evaluation of developing technologies using coal-derived gas under industrial conditions provides critical information on material and process suitability for scale-up to commercial applications. Because of the ability to operate under a wide range of flow rates and process conditions, research at the NCCC can simultaneously evaluate a number of technologies at various levels of maturity, thereby accelerating the pace of development.

    Reduction of CO2 emissions is an international issue, requiring international solutions. The NCCC has been active in establishing test collaborations with international groups, supporting technology developers from seven countries to date. The NCCC has also assumed leadership and is the current host site of the Carbon Capture International Test Center Network (ITCN). Formed in 2012 in collaboration with DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy, the ITCN facilitates knowledge-sharing among carbon capture test facilities around the world to accelerate the commercial deployment of carbon capture technologies.

    This presentation will detail the international collaboration efforts and future plans of the NCCC and test centers around the world.