The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative Works Scope in CCUS

Keynote Presentation
Wednesday, July 19, 2017, 11:15am-11:50am CDT

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is an important part of decarbonising global energy systems. It could account for 13% of the required reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 according to the IEA’s 2°C scenario and substantially more if this goal is reduced to 1.5°C. CCS projects are already underway, but large-scale deployment will require us to reduce costs, develop viable market mechanisms and improve our understanding of geological storage capacity. We are working on programmes to accelerate the search for concrete solutions to these challenges.

Juan Anguiano

Juan Anguiano is a Senior Petroleum Engineer. He supports the Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage team within BP Group Technology. He represents BP within the CCUS work stream of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) and is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. He has worked in upstream oil & gas subsurface and operational roles for over 16yrs in various basins and regions from the Caspian Sea, Deep Water Gulf of Mexico and onshore US. He earned a M.Sc. Petroleum Engineering and B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Southern California. He lives in...Read more