Carbon Management Technology Conference 2019 (CMTC 2019)

July 15-18, 2019

The 2019 Carbon Management Technology Conference (CMTC 2019) will focus on carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technologies that provide options for lowering greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining fuel diversity for sustainable growth.

Technical program

Thank you for joining the Global CCS Institute workshop Thursday afternoon following the CMTC conference.

Conference Chairs

Keynote Speaker

Plenary Speakers

Session Topics

  • Carbon Capture - Transformational and 2nd Generation 
  • Storage and Enhanced Oil Recovery 
  • Monitoring and Characterization Protocols and Technologies 
  • Carbon Utilization 
  • Demonstration and Pilot Scale Projects 
  • Industry and Energy Sector CCUS Projects 
  • Environmental Investigations 
  • Economic Analysis and Modeling 
  • Laboratory Investigations 
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Sustainability Options to Climate Change 
  • Energy-Water Nexus 
  • Business and Financial Approaches 
  • Policy, Legislation, and Permitting Approaches 
  • Country and Regional Climate Change  

Organizing Committee


Site Tour of NET Power

This year's in-person site tour will take place at the NET Power facility in La Porte, TX. The 50-megawatt demonstration plant.

Featured Speakers

Steven Winberg

As Assistant Secretary, Steven Winberg is responsible for the management and oversight of FE’s research and development program, encompassing coal, oil, and natural gas, as well as the Office of Petroleum Reserves.

Mr. Winberg has 39 years of experience in the energy industry. He began his career at the engineering firm Foster Wheeler as an engineer on coal-fired utility boilers. From there, he spent 14 years with Consolidated Natural Gas working in a variety of positions before becoming Vice President for CONSOL Energy Research & Development. Immediately prior to coming to DOE...Read more

Bill Brown

Bill is the CEO of NET Power, LLC, which is working with Exelon and CB&I to commercialize a technology that will allow the world to meet its climate targets without having to pay more for electricity.  Known as the Allam Cycle, the technology produces electricity from fossil fuels (including natural gas) at a cost comparable to existing technologies, while, at no additional cost, capturing all of the carbon dioxide and other atmospheric emissions.  Bill is also the co-founder of 8 Rivers Capital, LLC, the inventor of the Allam Cycle.  Focusing on energy, sour gas...Read more

Steve Carpenter

Dr. Carpenter is a seasoned executive with 30 years of experience in the international energy and mining industry. He is an internationally recognized Subject Matter Expert on Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), climate change, carbon, and risk management issues. Dr. Carpenter’s clientele include numerous confidential commercial clients, DOE, DOD, USAID, USTDA, Canadian Standards Association, International Standards Organization (ISO), the Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC), the Energy Mineral Law Foundation (EMLF), the Southern States Energy Board (SSEB), World Bank/...Read more

Jeff Erikson

Jeff Erikson joined the Institute in January 2016 as General Manager —The Americas, before moving to the role of General Manager – Client Engagement in 2017. In his current role, Jeff is responsible for ensuring the Institute’s Members derive high value from their membership, as well as expanding the membership base and identifying fee-for-service opportunities.

Prior to joining the Institute, Jeff was Director of Global Projects at the Carbon War Room, an international non-governmental organization and think tank working on issues regarding market-based solutions to climate change...Read more

Monica Garcia

Dr. Mónica García works as a Technology Analyst for IEAGHG, an international R&D programme focussed on carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), funded by 34 member countries and organisations.  Mónica oversees the IEAGHG lines "CCS in industry", "Hydrogen for the power and industrial sectors", and "emerging CO2 capture technologies" and she is a member of the Steering Committees in the Post-Combustion-Capture-Conferences, the IEAGHG CCS Cost Network and the CSLF CCS Task Force for Large Emitting Industries. In addition, Mónica is a member of the advisory boards in several...Read more

Jon Gibbins

Jon Gibbins has worked on coal and biomass gasification and combustion for over 30 years, at Foster Wheeler, Imperial College, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Sheffield and on carbon capture and storage (CCS) since 2002. He is currently Professor of Power Plant Engineering and Carbon Capture at the University of Sheffield and Director of the UK CCS Research Centre (, which is supported by Research Councils UK to lead and coordinate a programme of underpinning research on all aspects of CCS in support...Read more

Janet Gellici, CAE

Janet Gellici (gel-lee-cee), CAE, is Chief Executive Officer of the National Coal Council (NCC).  The NCC is an Advisory Committee to the U.S. Secretary of Energy, providing advice and recommendations to the Secretary on general policy matters relating to coal and the coal industry.

Prior to joining the NCC in May 2013, Gellici served as Chief Executive Officer of the American Coal Council (ACC).  Gellici served as Communications Director of the Colorado School of Mines’ Management Institute and as Public Information Director of the Western Governors’ Association. ...Read more

Mike Godec

Michael L. Godec, a Vice President with Advanced Resources International, has prepared numerous assessments of the potential sequestration capacity and economic potential associated with geologic storage in oil and gas fields, deep saline aquifers, gas shales, and unmineable coal seams. Mr. Godec is leading ARI’s efforts in the SEACARB offshore project. He has examined CO2 storage and possible CO2-EOR opportunities for numerous proposed power plants and other industrial facilities, both in the U.S. and internationally. Mr. Godec is the author or co-author of more than 50 papers and...Read more

Adam Goff

Adam Goff is a principal at 8 Rivers Capital, a firm which invents and commercializes sustainable infrastructure technology. 8 Rivers invented the Allam Cycle and the NET Power joint venture that uses that technology. NET Power has raised over $150m from Exelon, McDermott, and Occidental Petroleum. Adam leads on business development for a number of 8 Rivers’ projects and is also Director of Policy for the firm. Adam has a degree from Yale University, and was formerly Chief of Staff at ClearPath, a $165 million foundation that advances dispatchable clean energy.Read more

Nigel Jenvey

Nigel has over 23 years of global oil and gas industry experience in technology, exploration, development and production operations with major oil and gas operating companies. He is an industry leader and expert in Carbon Capture, Use and Storage (CCUS) having previously held roles such as the chair of the CO2 Capture Project, chair of the North American CCS Association, and program chair of the Society of Petroleum Engineers CCUS Technical Section. Nigel now serves as Coordinating Subcommittee deputy chair for the National Petroleum Council CCUS study due to be completed in September 2019...Read more

Greg Kennedy

Mr. Greg Kennedy is a Sr. Project Director for NRG Energy, Inc. and serves as the Asset Manager for the Petra Nova Project.  In that capacity, Mr. Kennedy also serves as the President of Petra Nova Parish Holdings, LLC and its subsidiary companies.  Additionally, Mr. Kennedy serves as the President of TCV Pipeline, LLC.    Mr. Kennedy is responsible for the management of Petra Nova's assets and the many commercial agreements needed to manage the carbon capture project.  Mr. Kennedy has almost 40 years of industry experience starting with Houston Lighting...Read more

Holly Krutka

Dr. Holly Krutka is Vice President Coal Generation and Emissions Technologies at Peabody. In this role, she works to help protect and enhance the existing U.S. coal fleet as well as promote the use of high efficiency, low emissions (HELE) technologies. This includes working on public policy proposals, technical working groups and other initiatives that advance the development and commercialization of carbon capture use and storage (CCUS) technologies.

Prior to her role with Peabody, Holly spent the last decade on research and development, analysis, communications, advocacy, and...Read more

Geoffrey Maitland

Geoff Maitland is Professor of Energy Engineering at Imperial College London and a Past President of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (2014-15).  His career has spanned academia and industry, spending 20 years in oil and gas with Schlumberger and over 20 years at Imperial, first as a young lecturer from 1974 and then from 2005 in his current post.  For many years his research has been centred on how we can continue to use fossil fuels for most of this century without causing catastrophic climate change, particularly through carbon capture and storage (CCUS). He has chaired...Read more

Anthony Ku

Dr. Anthony Ku is the Director of Advanced Technologies at the National Institute of Clean and low-carbon Energy (NICE), the research division of China Energy. In 2018, China Energy produced 15% of China’s electricity and had the world’s largest capacity in coal (180GW) and wind (37 GW) generation. Anthony is responsible for R&D addressing China Energy’s strategic challenges related to carbon management and air pollution, operational efficiency, and long-term sustainability. He is also the Chief Technology Officer for NICE America Research, the US office for NICE, with responsibilities...Read more

Frank Morton

Frank Morton currently serves as Director Technology Development for the National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC), after more than 35 years of experience as a chemical engineer in both industrial and research roles. He is currently responsible for bringing university, government and industrial organizations to the NCCC for collaborative technology development. This role includes identifying technology developers and coordinating agreement among the developer, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and NCCC industrial partners on contracts, funding and test plans.

Morton has interacted...Read more

Gay Wyn Quance

Gay Wyn Quance is the CEO and co-founder of Solid Carbon Products LLC.  Solid Carbon Products makes carbon dioxide (CO2) profitable by converting CO2 into valuable durable carbon products and pure water through a patented, low cost, catalytic converter process – the Noyes Process.  This changes the economics of CO2 mitigation from a cost burden to a profit stream. Being able to profitably deploy CO2 as a feedstock means that the economics of carbon capture can be driven by profit. The Noyes Process is net carbon negative, providing a positive environmental impact.

...Read more

Surinder Singh

Dr. Singh is currently the Director of Engineering at NICE America Research which is a subsidiary of NICE (National Institute of Clean and Low Carbon Energy) and R&D division of China Energy Group (CE) formerly Shenhua Group. China Energy is the largest in coal mining, power generation, coal to chemicals and renewable power generation in the world. CE has over 190 GW of fossil fuel power generation and 30 GW wind power generation assets. Dr. Singh, in his current role, is responsible for developing an R&D portfolio to enable CE to develop a pathway for affordable reduction in CO2...Read more

Robert L. Zeller III

Dr. Zeller is the Vice President of Technology for Oxy Low Carbon Ventures (OLCV). He completed his B.S. and M.S. degrees at the University of Akron and earned his Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University, all in Chemical Engineering.Read more

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